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Refill or buy a new cartridge

Having to deal with cartridges at work or home is usually not something you have to deal with on a daily basis. It can become an issue when the cartridge you use becomes empty or i fit does not work properly. When that moment arrives there are two options you can choose from. You can choose to place a whole new cartridge or refill the cartidge that is inside of your printer with new ink. But what is the best option?

If you choose to place a new cartridge in your printer you might have to buy one. Cartridges come in all shapes and prices depending on which brand you choose. Well known brands like Canon or HP offer a wide range of cartridges. It is always best to use a cartridge brand that is the same as your printer. Then you will know fors ure it will work properly. At work the office supplies department is in charge of cartridges so there should be cartridges in stock once a cartridge goes empty. Replacing a cartridge should be very easy and you can not manage ask for help or contact the cartridge supplier.

Refilling a cartridge might be an option if you choose a printer at home. You probably do not print as much at home then you will at work. This means that your cartridge will not empty as soon as it does at the office. Buying a new cartridge each time you need one could get expensive. You can buy the ink you want and try to refill your cartridge. Keep in mind that this can be a very secure task and if you do not pay enough attention you could get ink all over your hands and clothes. If you do want try to refill your cartridge go online and watch short instruction video’s.

Sustainable cartridges

An increasing, but sadly not nearly high enough, number of companies are starting to understand that sustainable business models are the way forward. Stick the word ‘organic’ or ‘biological’ on an item and the price customers are willing to pay is far higher than for items that are not deemed eco-friendly. ‘Green’ is in demand.

This development has also influenced the market for cartridges. It is well known that cartridges are not exactly climate-friendly, because of the way in which they are produced. Their production namely requires the burning of petroleum. Wikipedia tells us that in North America alone 200 million litres of petroleum are needed to sustain the production of new cartridges. Even more problematic is the fact that most of these cartridges end up on landfills when empty.

It is therefore good to see that there are more and more options for consumers of cartridges to either refill their cartridges or to partake in programs that make sure empty cartridges are not dismissed. The cartridge company Lexmark in the US for example has a program in which the cartridge always belongs to Lexmark. Consumers purchase the right to use the cartridge, but when they are empty they have to return it.

So when you want to buy a cartridge, make sure to check out what the company does to ensure that their cartridges do not end up on a landfill. And if you decide not to opt for a refill program, then do not just throw your cartridge away. There are always options to hand in your cartridge so that they can be re-used. Only if everyone understands the importance of small gestures like these we will be able to control climate change to the best of our abilities.