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Refill or buy a new cartridge

Having to deal with cartridges at work or home is usually not something you have to deal with on a daily basis. It can become an issue when the cartridge you use becomes empty or i fit does not work properly. When that moment arrives there are two options you can choose from. You can choose to place a whole new cartridge or refill the cartidge that is inside of your printer with new ink. But what is the best option?

If you choose to place a new cartridge in your printer you might have to buy one. Cartridges come in all shapes and prices depending on which brand you choose. Well known brands like Canon or HP offer a wide range of cartridges. It is always best to use a cartridge brand that is the same as your printer. Then you will know fors ure it will work properly. At work the office supplies department is in charge of cartridges so there should be cartridges in stock once a cartridge goes empty. Replacing a cartridge should be very easy and you can not manage ask for help or contact the cartridge supplier.

Refilling a cartridge might be an option if you choose a printer at home. You probably do not print as much at home then you will at work. This means that your cartridge will not empty as soon as it does at the office. Buying a new cartridge each time you need one could get expensive. You can buy the ink you want and try to refill your cartridge. Keep in mind that this can be a very secure task and if you do not pay enough attention you could get ink all over your hands and clothes. If you do want try to refill your cartridge go online and watch short instruction video’s.

Cartridge benefits of a new printer

There are a lot of different cartridges you can use with your printer. But that does not mean they will give you the result you desire. For instance a cheap cartridge can save you money while purchasing. But what if it does not work or it does work but the colors are empty much sooner than they are supposed to be? You will not be saving money if you keep on buying cheap cartridges that do not work the way you expect them too. A good printer is a very important device if you want to print at work or home in the most effecient way. For example if you have a cartridge that does not have solid ink you will find yourself printing several times before you finally have the print you can use. This is just one example of problems with cartridges that you can avoid by using good products.

Like every business the printer and cartridge business is growing and tries hard to make better products. Products that give you what you want most from your printer and cartridges. This month, Canon released their new Multifunction Laser (MPF) 200 range printer especially for the Indian market. Canon knows that at Indian offices being more productive gets more important each day. Which is why their new printers have more possibilities and work more efficient. The printers also come with new cartridges. Cartridges whith even better features. The new cartridge offers a yield of 1700 pages which is an incredible amount.

Check your printer at home and at work and think about all the great cartridge posibilities that come with a new and better printer.


Need ink? Visit Cartridge World!

Are you looking for an affordable way to get ink for your printer? Then you might want to make a visit to one of the 90 Cartridge World Stores in India. Cartridge World is the world’s number one cartridge recharging retail chain, established in the south of Australia in 1997, but now operating in 52 different countries, including India. Their vision is to provide their customers, both consumer and corporate, with competitive prices and the best products.

Cartridge World focuses on the unique concept of recharging used printer cartridges. Recharged cartridges from Cartridge World are guaranteed to be as good as new, for lower prices. This concept is not only an interesting way to save money on your printing expenses, it also contributes to a better environment.

Besides the core business of recharging used cartridges, Cartridge World is also your dealer in original manufacturer cartridges for all brands of inkjet printers, laser printers, fax machines and photocopiers. They also provide additional supplies for fax machines and copiers, making it your one-stop shop for all things related to printing.

As a proof of their success, Cartridge World has been awarded Best Franchisor 2014 by Franchise India, an amazing achievement that sets them apart from the crowd. This is a proof of successful entrepreneurship of the hard working, enthusiastic franchisers of Cartridge World in India. Their aim is to double their revenue and tap more and bigger cities in India, and achieve a 10 percent market share by the year of 2016, making their products more available to the people of India. Next time you are in need of ink, check for a local Cartridge World store and guarantee yourself of the best quality at the best price.

New on the market: Xerox-branded laser cartridges

When the cartridge of your laser printer needs to be replaced, buying a new one can be pretty expensive. Up to a while ago, you were even forced to buy a cartridge of the same brand of the printer; Canon or HP, for example, leaving you no choice to look for a more price-friendly alternative. However, times are changing. Last May, Xerox India launched a new range of Xerox-branded laser cartridges that are compatible with HP- and Canon A4 laser printers. During the rest of the year, the range will be extended further by supplying for different brands as well.

Xerox is an American company that is specialised in offering products for managing and reproducing documents. They are globally known for supplying qualitative copying machines, printers and other office products. With the introduction of laser cartridges, a new line of products has been added to the Indian Xerox family. Xerox laser cartridges for multi-branded printers have already been proven to be a success in about 40 other countries.

This new initiative from Xerox is an answer to the critical need for high-quality cartridges and toners for laser printers at an affordable price, but of a prominent brand. By using Xerox laser cartridges, small and medium businesses can save up to 25 percent on their printing costs, using their existing devices, while still delivering the best quality in printing possible.

To make these new Xerox laser cartridges easily accessible to all of India, Xerox has closed a pact with one of the country’s major ecommerce businesses; FlipKart. You can simply order the cartridges that you need for your laser printer and start saving on your printing costs, without compromising on quality.