Myth: Cartridge ink

If you are using a printer frequently at work or home you will probably know the moment when you need to refill or replace the ink cartridge for a new one or new ink. Let’s say you are using a Canon or a HP printer and you also have cartridges that are from the same brand. The moment when you replace your empty cartridge with a new one your computer and printer will function just fine and before you kno wit you can continue the documents you were printing before the cartridge turned empty. But what if the new cartridge you have is not of the same brand as your printer? This can happen if the company you are working for is trying to save money by using a unknown brand of cartridges insteas of the expensive ones that match the printer’s brand. If you replace the emty cartridge with a new cartridge of a different brand your printer will probably give off a error signal. Saying that the new cartridge does not match with the brand of the printer. You first and understandable responde will probably bet o take out the cartridge and trying to find a cartridge that matches the brand of the printer. Don’t! The error signal that your printer is giving off is just a simple marketing trick. Companies like HP and Canon want you to buy their total product line inlcusing their matching cartridges. You can just click away the error signa land start printing. You will soon see that an unknown brand which is probably cheaper works just fine with your expensive printer. So don’t be alarmed by the error signal your keep on printing and everything will be working the way you want it to.