Inkjet vs. laser printer

Even though we as a society become more and more aware of the fact that printing every single e-mail does no good to the environment (because using more paper means chopping down more trees), it is sometimes inevitable that we print certain documents. This, however, is not always as simple as it sounds. Copy shops usually don’t have 24/7 opening hours, and the printing policy at schools and universities is getting more and more complicated and expensive, as you mostly have to buy a printing pass which you have to put credit on, in order to print.

That’s why it would be so much easier if you can print out the documents you need in your own home. No more trips to the copy shop, no more hassle with printing passes that you have to recharge. You just have to invest in a printer in order to make this dream come true. Luckily, printers don’t cost a fortune anymore.

When buying a printer, you can roughly choose between two options: an inkjet printer, or a laser printer. Both options use different cartridges. Inkjet printers require cartridges with liquid ink, whereas laser printers use a kind of powder to print the image or text onto the paper. When you mostly want to print documents with a lot of text and pages, you will most likely be the happiest when you choose a laser printer. The cartridges also last longer than the ones of an inkjet printer. However, laser printers are a bit more expensive to buy than inkjet printers. On the other hand, when you desire to print photos from time to time, you will get the best quality if you go for an inkjet printer. And a plus of inkjet cartridges, is that you can buy cartridges of alternative brands, so it’s easy to save money by comparing prices.

Think of which option suits you best, and take control of your own printing options!