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New on the market: Xerox-branded laser cartridges

When the cartridge of your laser printer needs to be replaced, buying a new one can be pretty expensive. Up to a while ago, you were even forced to buy a cartridge of the same brand of the printer; Canon or HP, for example, leaving you no choice to look for a more price-friendly alternative. However, times are changing. Last May, Xerox India launched a new range of Xerox-branded laser cartridges that are compatible with HP- and Canon A4 laser printers. During the rest of the year, the range will be extended further by supplying for different brands as well.

Xerox is an American company that is specialised in offering products for managing and reproducing documents. They are globally known for supplying qualitative copying machines, printers and other office products. With the introduction of laser cartridges, a new line of products has been added to the Indian Xerox family. Xerox laser cartridges for multi-branded printers have already been proven to be a success in about 40 other countries.

This new initiative from Xerox is an answer to the critical need for high-quality cartridges and toners for laser printers at an affordable price, but of a prominent brand. By using Xerox laser cartridges, small and medium businesses can save up to 25 percent on their printing costs, using their existing devices, while still delivering the best quality in printing possible.

To make these new Xerox laser cartridges easily accessible to all of India, Xerox has closed a pact with one of the country’s major ecommerce businesses; FlipKart. You can simply order the cartridges that you need for your laser printer and start saving on your printing costs, without compromising on quality.