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New cartridge

In this digitalized society we are still requested to print all sorts of documents on paper all the time, from homework assignments to official contracts. Before you know it, you have to get new cartridges again for your printer. Either the black ink is running out, or all of your coloured prints turn out green because the red ink cartridge is empty. It’s time again for some new ink.

Some types of cartridges can be refilled with new ink. This is fairly easy to do yourself; you can inject the ink into the empty cartridge, using a syringe. You just have to be careful not make any stains on your clothing, because once the ink gets onto the fabric, it won’t be coming off again. If you are not really the dexterous kind of person, you can also choose to work with replaceable cartridges. You just discard the empty ones and install a new one into your printer.

When you are looking for new ink cartridges, there are a few things you need to know in order to make the right purchase. First of all: what is the brand and type of your printer? Ink cartridges are not universal, you have to buy one that is suitable for your type of printer. Second of all: do you already have refillable cartridges? If so, you can get a refill kit. Those are usually a lot cheaper than whole new cartridges, so it would be a waste to buy a new cartridge when you might as well only need a refill kit. When you do have to replace the entire cartridge, you can usually find special containers at supermarkets to safely discard them.